iPhone Storage Space

How to Delete Other Storage on iPhone

All the ways to manage or get rid of Other storage that’s hogging storage space on your iPhone.

Phone Wifi

How to Enable Low Data Mode for a WiFi Network on iPhone

Turn on Low Data Mode for WiFi on your iPhone and save precious data if you are connected to a metered connection.

Apple Music

How to Follow, Unfollow or Remove Followers in Apple Music on iPhone

Make listening to music much more inclusive with friends on your iPhone.

Flight Tracker

How to Use Flight Tracker in iMessage

This in-built flight tracker in iPhone will change the way you track your flights forever!

Text Message

How to Change from Text Message to iMessage

Don’t fret if your iMessage is stuck on text messages, try these fixes!

Location Sharing

How to Stop Sharing Location on iPhone

Whether you want to stop sharing your location with apps or friends, this guide will help you through it all.

iCloud Passwords

How to Use iCloud Passwords in Chrome on a Windows PC

Easily use all your iCloud keychain passwords on your Windows PC.

Chat thread

How to Text Yourself in iMessage on iPhone

Save your grocery lists or any information you want in a chat thread with yourself.


How to Send Confetti in iMessage

Show your love with showers of confetti and never send boring wishes in iMessage ever again!

Mute Messages

How to Turn Off iMessage for One Person

Unfortunately, you cannot turn off iMessage for one person but you can do other things instead.

Message Error

How to Sign Out or Sign Back Into iMessage on iPhone

Sign out or sign back into iMessage in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Poll mobile

How to Create a Poll in iMessage on iPhone

Easily decide things in group chats with fun, interactive polls.


How to Disable or Hide ‘Shared with You’ section on Safari Start Page on iPhone

De-clutter your Start Page in Safari by removing the links people share with you on iMessage.

FaceTime iPhone

How to Fix it when FaceTime SharePlay is Not Working on iPhone

Don’t give up on watching movies on FaceTime together; try these fixes if SharePlay is acting up.

Cup Pong

How to Play Cup Pong in iMessage on iPhone

Challenge your friends for a game of Cup Pong in iMessage.

Mobile Screen Sharing

How to Use FaceTime SharePlay to Share Screen on iPhone

Everything you need to know about Apple’s headlining feature for iOS 15 — FaceTime SharePlay.

Private Relay iPhone

How to Turn Off Private Relay on iPhone

Private Relay is awesome but it can also (possibly) slow down the internet connectivity on your iPhone sometimes.

Song Lyrics

How to Share Lyrics with Song using Apple Music on iPhone

Share what you’re feeling when listening to a song without interrupting the momentum!

Safari Web Browser

How to Customize Safari Start Page on iPhone

You can finally customize the Start Page of Safari on iPhone.

AirTag More Light Required

Why Does iPhone says “More Light Required” for Connecting to AirTag

Even though light isn’t actually required to find the AirTag, it’s needed to direct you to it.

Phone DND Do Not Disturb

What is Focus Status in iMessage on iPhone?

Choose whether you want others to know you are busy while using a Focus Mode


How to Convert HEIC to JPEG on Windows 11

Convert HEIC to JPEG in a jiffy with these simple instructions.