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How to Use Whatsapp Web Without your Phone Being Connected to the Internet

Use WhatsApp Web on your computer or laptop without having your phone connected to the internet with the new multi-device support on the messaging platform.

Phone Wifi

How to Enable Low Data Mode for a WiFi Network on iPhone

Turn on Low Data Mode for WiFi on your iPhone and save precious data if you are connected to a metered connection.

Apple Music

How to Follow, Unfollow or Remove Followers in Apple Music on iPhone

Make listening to music much more inclusive with friends on your iPhone.


How to Report Someone on Discord

Keep Discord communities free of troublesome users or misleading information by reporting misbehaving users on the platform.

Android App APK Computer

How to Sideload Android Apps (APK) in Windows 11

Sideload Android app APK on your Windows 11 PC using the SDK Platform Tools and enjoy apps and games not available through the Amazon App Store.

Website Notifications

How to Turn Off Website Notifications on Windows 11

Everything you need to know about managing website notifications for Chrome and Edge in Windows 11.


How to Disable or Hide ‘Shared with You’ section on Safari Start Page on iPhone

De-clutter your Start Page in Safari by removing the links people share with you on iMessage.


How to Set up and Use Dropbox on Windows 11

Effortlessly sync and share files and folders with Dropbox on your Windows 11 PC.

Linux PC

How to Dual Boot Windows 11 and Linux (Ubuntu)

Love Windows 11, but missing the Linux environment? Learn how to install Ubuntu on your Windows 11 device and enjoy a dual boot machine.


How to Change your Username on Reddit

Recently joined Reddit and a username was automatically selected for you? Learn how to change it quickly and easily from any device and wear your username as a badge of honor across Reddit.

Autocorrect text

How to Enable or Disable Autocorrect and Text Suggestions in Windows 11

Let Windows automatically correct typing mistakes and suggest words as you type, OR disable these features if not suitable for your use case.

Android App Error

How to Fix Android Apps Not Working on Windows 11

Android apps could break on your Windows 11 PC for many reasons. Here’s a guide to help you fix most of these issues.

Computer Desktop

How to Change or Remove Desktop Icons in Windows 11

Use custom desktop icons on your Windows 11 PC or remove them to keep a clean look of the desktop wallpaper.

Computer Update

How to Update Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows 11

Android apps not behaving as expected or crashing down? Update Windows Subsystem for Android on your system and resolve the issue in a matter of minutes.

Uninstall App

How to Uninstall Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows 11

Easily remove Windows Subsystem for Android along with all Android Apps on your Windows 11 PC.

Keyboard Shortcut

Windows Subsystem for Android Keyboard Shortcuts for Android Apps

Enable Screen Reader accessibility setting in Windows Subsystem for Android to use keyboard shortcuts in Android Apps running on your PC.

Restart App

How to Restart Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows 11

Android app non-responsive or not working? Learn how to restart the Windows Subsystem for Android on your Windows 11 PC to resolve the issue.

Cup Pong

How to Play Cup Pong in iMessage on iPhone

Challenge your friends for a game of Cup Pong in iMessage.

Uninstall App

How to Uninstall Android Apps on Windows 11

Clean up the mess of unnecessary Android apps installed on your Windows 11 PC.

Android Apps Windows 11

How to Download Windows Subsystem for Android without Microsoft Store [msixbundle]

Unable to download Windows Subsystem for Android from Microsoft Store? Here’s an alternate way to manually install WSA on your Windows 11 PC.

Android App APK Computer

How to Set up WSATools App to Install Android APK Files on Windows 11

Effortlessly install Android APK files in one click on your Windows 11 PC with WSATools app.

Private Relay iPhone

How to Turn Off Private Relay on iPhone

Private Relay is awesome but it can also (possibly) slow down the internet connectivity on your iPhone sometimes.

Multiple Windows

How to Keep an App Window Always on Top in Windows 11

Keep a window always on top using these third-party apps on your Windows 11 PC.